Vijay courier services offer wide range logistic services, we maintain the packaging of goods and ship more your inventory. We can deliver and set-up in locations such as stores, trade shows, conventions, conferences, courtrooms, government agencies, and other unusual locations where experience and attention to detail are required.

Logistics refer to the process of managing the flow of operations between the points of collection to the point of delivery. This includes all the mechanisms, warehouses, people and resources that are involved throughout the entire delivery process.

Most of the members refer to logistics services when talking about the transportation of heavy goods and bulk loads. Sometimes, the term is used to refer to cargo and freight transport.

Following this idea, the transport of large container loads and shipments that need special care comes under the umbrella of logistics services. Compared to other services, logistics services are considered to be a very safer choice when it comes to shipping important goods. This is because it will accommodate the transport of pallets. Packages and items that are placed on a pallet are usually held mechanically with forklifts.

The provider of the logistics services handles processes such as inventory, shipping, packaging, warehousing and security functions for shipments


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Vijay Couriers is one of the pioneer players in the Courier Serivce. Vijay Couriers has begin its journey from the Capital city of Andhra Pradeh since 30 years. In the last 30 years it has spreads its services throught out the city.

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