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Vijay Couriers will take care of shipping your valuable food products. We are the best international and domestic courier service organizations that deliver everything from India to anywhere in the world. People living away from India need not worry about missing Indian food products as Vijay Courier promise you that you receive your food items on time. Catering to customers worldwide successfully for nearly a decade, we specialize in procuring and shipping your requirements at the less time span. Further, we ensure the best modes of transportation for your goods, be it air freight or road freight.

Indians who settled in abroad will badly miss the taste of the Indian food prepared back home for many reasons. It is compulsory, they will be tingling to taste the food back from India. Vijay Courier Food items Courier takes the opportunity to serve the Indians who are living in different parts of the world.

Our International Food items courier services are customized made to suit the requirements of our clients. Vijay Courier is considered as the secured and topmost courier services to parcel food items to various International destinations.

It might be the food from your home which your Mom cooked or else it might be from any famous restaurant or bakery. Vijay Courier handles the parcel with the utmost care to make it reach the destination safely. For Food Courier express, all you need to do is book our services and create a pickup request from your doorstep or else pack the food with all safety precautions and handle it in our office.



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Vijay Couriers is one of the pioneer players in the Courier Serivce. Vijay Couriers has begin its journey from the Capital city of Andhra Pradeh since 30 years. In the last 30 years it has spreads its services throught out the city.

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